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We design learning experiences for creative professionals.

Become a lifelong learner. Build a meaningful career.

Do the work that matters to you.


The world of work is changing. 
So should your skills.

The creative industry will never be the same. How we work and even why we work is changing fast. Your skills and capabilities might not be in line with where your career is heading. Or you might find yourself on a career path that is not the one you were hoping for.

You are not alone.

87% of companies are reporting skills gaps between the new world of work, and the capabilities of their teams. 


Learning the skills you need now is the best way to take control of your creative career and do the work that matters to you.

Bridge your own skills gap.
Build a meaningful career.

Sprint-based approach

There is no time to take three years off to earn another qualification.

You need to develop the skills that will make you better at work, and do it fast. Our focused sprints are designed to rapidly accelerate your learning journey, getting you from zero to master in less than a week.

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We live and work beyond the online/offline distinction.

Real world learning happens everywhere and all the time. We design hybrid learning experiences that combines the best of real, virtual, synchronous and self-timed programmes.

A community
of growth

We value togetherness.

Learning with others is the best way to get rapid feedback, iterate and develop the skills you need fast. Our cohorts are exclusive learning communities designed for sustained, lifelong growth.

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Becoming better at work is not just about knowledge transfer.

We are interested in developing skills we can start using tomorrow. Our learning experiences are hands-on, relevant and designed to take you from theory to practice in a heartbeat.

Learning that is flexible, accessible and on demand.

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Articles &

Free weekly articles to get you up to speed and in the know.

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Toolkits &

Your own workspace to apply your learnings at scale and speed. 

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Email-based video series

Need a crash course on an important topic? These are 100% free to go.

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On-demand online course

Take a deep dive and learn at your own pace with high quality content.

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Cohort-based sprints

The best way to master the skills you need. A real-time learning experience.

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Live training for your team

On-site and hands-on - the ultimate way to invest in your team growth.

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Testimonials and stories

Herash Ramdut

Tirisano Civil Eng

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Mynhardt is an excellent presenter. The learning experience from KRAFT Learning Lab was well worth the time, providing tools which can be used in and out of the working environment.

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