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Customer experience design

Email-based video series

Mapping the
moments that matter.

Moments That Matter is a 100% free email-based course that guides you through the basic principles of designing engaging experiences - delighting your customers and growing your business.

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Gartner predicts that over 81% of organisations will compete on customer experience (CX) in coming years. And in a 2018 E-Consultancy Best Practice Guide, 97% of respondents agree with the statement “a great customer experience is key to driving brand loyalty, and therefore repeat purchase”. 

Customers now expect to be connected and engaged through remarkable experiences, or they take their business elsewhere.

Customers now expect to be connected and engaged through remarkable experiences, or they take their business elsewhere.

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Delight your customers

Learn the power of surprise and delight. Remember, people will never forget how you made them feel.

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Build loyalty and trust

Customers don’t just buy products they like or can afford. They buy from people they can trust.

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Future-proof your business

An investment in your customer experience is an investment in the future growth of your business.

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Lead your team

Champion the cause for engaging customer experience. Inspire your team and lead through change.

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Stop bringing specifications to an experience fight

Connecting with your customers is more important than ever. People will choose a lesser, more expensive product if they feel engaged and recognised by the brand.

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5 email episodes

Delivered straight to your inbox. Start learning instantly.

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3 video lessons

A more detailed walk-through of the content, presented in-person.


1 interactive workbook

Duplicate and save the workbook. Practically apply your learnings.

Your customer experience design guide

As a brand strategist, communication architect and customer experience designer, Mynhardt has been honing his CX skills over the past 5 years by collaborating with a variety of brands, businesses and organisations as they seek to create remarkable experiences for their customers.

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The course was extremely refreshing and wholesome. Mynhardt explained the principles clearly and gave helpful tips for our own personal and professional projects.

~ Hazel Ngcobo, UX designer: Praekelt

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Start your CX journey now

If you’re not serious about creating the best experiences possible for your customers, you are not serious about growing your business. 

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