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Episode 01

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Perfect Pitch provides a simple and effective framework enabling you to instantly explain your creative work to others in a way that is sincere and relevant while creating a space for them to meaningfully respond to your invitation.

Episode 02

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Ironically, the first thing most people get wrong when connecting with someone new is to immediately start talking about themselves. Very few take the time to understand and articulate the pain points their audience faces, before they even suggest a possible solution.

Episode 03

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Mastering this part of your business pitch will enable you to meaningfully explain your value proposition to any given person at any time, without confusing them with industry terms or insider gibberish.

Episode 04

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Nothing drives home an idea as powerfully as describing the potential impact it might have. Painting a vivid picture of the positive result of your product or service instantly moves your offering from a nice-to-have to a non-negotiable.

Episode 05

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Now you know all there is to know on delivering a clear and confident business one-liner. All that is left is to get out there and start initiating conversations with some interesting and inspiring people.

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SPEAKING CLEARLY is a 3-day learning sprint where you learn how to present and talk about your creative work in a way that truly connects with people.

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