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Email-based video series

The elevator pitch is dead - do this instead.

Perfect Pitch is a 100% free video crash course teaching you how to deliver your business one-liner in a short, punchy and personal way.

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Know someone who ever won an investment from a conversation in an elevator?

Neither do we.

Most business one-liners come across as cold, distant and far removed from reality.

In fact, delivering a perfectly engineered value proposition from memory often creates more confusion than clarity.

We teach an organic framework that replaces the traditional robotic process.

This helps your audience to connect with what you’re saying, form a relational bond and invite you into the next opportunity.

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Our framework has a single, powerful purpose: to establish trust.

No 90-second interaction will ever win you the deal, but it can play a pivotal role in forming a trust-based relational connection.


I was super impressed with how the content was presented, it was so engaging and I was amazed by my ability to retain the information despite the lighting speed at which it was shared.

- Dorothea Wright, General Manager: Attacq Ltd

Learn quickly and conveniently - 100% free.

Our email-based video courses combine the convenience of email with high quality video content to create an easy and straightforward learning experience.

Best of all? It's 100% free.


5 email episodes


Your inbox becomes your learning platform. Less logistics, more learning.


Delivered daily


Bite-sized content allows you to learn systematically without missing anything.


Learn, share, repeat


Get the skills, share with your team and become better at growing your business.

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You know what makes your business tick. Isn't it about time the rest of the world finds out as well?

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