5 Ways How Being a Master Communicator Helps You to Win at Work

Communication is proving time and again to be one of the most indispensable skillsets for the modern knowledge worker.

Not only are we seeing a rapid increase in the demand for master communicators, but the research is confirming the trend: communication (and connection) is the most foundational skill for workplace success in 2022.

But what makes communication as a skill at work so invaluable?

Here are some of the most noticeable results you’ll experience where and whenever communication is practiced well.

It creates connection

Bridging the gap between different perspectives, understandings and beliefs is the core responsibility of the communicator. Effective communication not only establishes a connection, but leverages it for greater understanding and inevitably, informed action.

It brings clarity

Great clarity should be the core intention and outcome of any communication efforts. Not to be confused with certainty, clarity brings perspective while assuming nothing.

Once we have clarity over the facts, when are free to attribute our own meanings. The former is the right and responsibility of the communicator, the latter of her audience.

It instills confidence

How many times have you sensed a feeling, emotion or underlying suspicion, yet refrained from expressing it for the lack of the right words? The skilled communicator articulates abstract concepts well. In turn we gain from them the ability to finally speak of what we feel. This not only grows our own personal confidence, but also increases our credibility with the audience.

It enables collaboration

The well-worn adage ‘on the same page’ literally means that we are in agreement because we are figuratively staring at the same words that describes what we should be in agreement with. Sharing clarity on a subject and the verbiage that describes it is not only the result of great communication, but also becomes the foundation of subsequent collaboration.

It fosters community

‘Communication’ and ‘community’ stems from the same Latin root word: communicare, which means ‘to bring together’. To truly communicate is to bring people together around a single idea and potentially, a shared mission This is probably the most existential result of effective communication, as it encompasses all of the above.

If communication is what we’re doing, then community is why we’re doing it.

For 2022, resolve to work on your communication skills. You will not only be a better professional for it, but also a more rounded and resilient person.


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