How to be a master creative and get your work out in the world

Even if you don’t think of yourself as an artist, don’t have time and worry about being good enough.

Traditional wisdom states that only artists are creative.

However anyone that contributes to make, develop, design, produce, manufacture, form or shape any project, product or service, is in essence partaking in the creative effort.

Here’s how to be a master creative.

Brainstorm freely

Too soon the creative process are stifled by logistical realities. During the ideation phase you need to entertain and investigate as many ideas as possible. Explore, discover and diverge with no other agenda than to enjoy the boundless nature of your imagination.

Edit and iterate obsessively

Being creative also means that you are flexible, open for change and inviting feedback to improve on your creations. Never be satisfied with your first idea. Collaborate with others to take it from good to great. Then spend a hundred extra hours to make it perfect.

Launch before you’re ready

To be creative means to ship. It has to be out in the wild for it to become a creation. You haven’t created until it it fulfilling its purpose in the world out there. Don’t wait until you’re 100% confident - true creatives never are.

Spending your day making things that didn’t exist before is one of the purest ways to invest your energy, time and life. Understand that you have the potential for endless creativity and do your utmost to master the skill.


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