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Speaking Clearly

A 3-day learning sprint where you learn how to present and talk about your creative work in a way that truly connects with people.

Don't describe what you do. Describe the value you add.

No matter how good you are at what you do, at some point you're going to have to explain it to people. Too often we fall into the trap of describing the specifications of our work, when we should in fact be communicating the value of what it represents.

Learn how to present your work to others in a way that connects with your audience and converts them to believe in your work and support your vision.

Fast, simple and to the point.

Three consecutive sessions of highly interactive learning will develop in you the necessary skills to become a master communicator and build a community of believers around your work.


Small group learning.


Virtual and interactive.


Time for process and practice.


Built into your workday.

Practice together.
Learn from each other.

The sessions will be presented and facilitated by Mynhardt van Pletsen. 

Mynhardt is a 20 year veteran of the creative performance, communication and marketing industries. Currently working as a brand strategist and learning designer, Mynhardt has valuable experience in not only communicating with clarity and creativity, but also in structuring your message to emotionally connect and convert your audience to your cause. 

The event is in the format of a cohort-based course, which means the complete experience will be personal, hands-on and contextualised for your situation at work.


Learning by doing.

Your three-day journey will consists of super practical exercises, as well as the principles and insights to help you improve and develop even better presenting skills.

Here's what you can look forward to.

Learn the basics of building master presentations.

Work in real time with a learning community and get feedback.

Develop your presentation skills with practical sessions.

Get access to valuable resources and tools of the trade. 


Pay once.
Get lifetime access.

Your course content and personal work for Speaking Clearly will be indefinitely available to you for the once-off registration price. You will also have ongoing access to your fellow learners as we grow the KRAFT Learning Lab collective.

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Presentations are not just for designers or other members of creative teams anymore. More and more professionals from other disciplines find themselves presenting their ideas to peers and clients. Therefore, any creative communicator needs to know how to present their creative work in a way that grabs the attention of the audience and generates interest.

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7-9 June 2022

Registrations now open.

Early bird pricing available.

Seats are limited.

Daily sessions between 15:00 - 17:00.

4-6 October 2022

Registrations now open.

Early bird pricing available.

Seats are limited.

Daily sessions between 15:00 - 17:00.


What others are saying...

I was super impressed with how the content was presented, it was so engaging and I was amazed by my ability to retain the information despite the lighting speed in which it was shared. I will definitely encourage anyone to attend the Speaking Clearly course.

Dorothea Wright, Attacq Ltd

Register now and book your spot.

Seats are limited and registration opens in the next couple of weeks.

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